GEOX Smart Innovation Group —GEOX

GEOX Ltd. and subsidiaries keep developing smart technologies with program management experience, to provide city and rural development solutions.

We are the trusted advisor and counselor on Spatial Management Technology and Integrated Market Communication aspect to many of governmental Offices and Enterprises in Taiwan.

System Integration

Provide diversed and well-organized software and hardware development / integration.

Products and Solution

Information integration system upgrade and internal data digitization service.

Data Integration and Analysis Service

Utilize visualized graphs for cross analysis to obtain significant indicator.

Assisting Local Industries

Provide busniess diagnosis and holistic integration service model.

Bricks & Clicks Marketing

Provide resource integration and cross-sectoral marketing that are percise and effective.

Project Managing Office

Utilize information to strengthen project managing and robust key indicators.

SMART360 Solution

GEO Cross Innovation Group has numerous experiences working in the field of system integration. We provide a faster, more effective system and related services in several directions: SMART managing strategies, information integration, human resources, Geospatial Information Technology, and customization.

SMART Master

Using turnkey project as the main service target that accomplish the goal of system integration and application.


Spatialize land records and manage lands effectively is the basic of city development.

Martek720 Solution

Utilizing O2O digital marketing, based on customer’s preferred theme and target audience, to form an effective, reliable, and full systematic guidance and programmed process. Provide tourists with brand new field experience that accompany by Inbound marketing, experience, fun, consumption, business intelligence analysis, and more core values.


Provide guidance with diversity that leads tourists to a more understanding of the theme, adding interactive screens for intriguing experience.


Collect marketing data analysis and secondary research in order to provide situation strategies which include the source of tourists.

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